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The Village In Howard is OPEN and serving its members in Howard County.  While the Stevens Forest location is closed, Village volunteers are responding to all phone calls and emails.  We invite you to check out the robust selection of virtual offerings on our calendar. 

In observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, TVIH will be closed on Monday, January 18, 2021. Scheduled virtual activities  will take place;  phone calls/emails received on Monday will be answered on Tuesday, January 19, 2021.

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Our Village In Howard

Our Mission:
The mission of The Village In Howard (TVIH) is to enable our membership community of Howard County residents 55 and older to actively age in place by providing mutual support, services and activities; and by coordinating with public and private resources.
Vision: The Village In Howard  will be a vital community of Howard County residents 55 and older, supporting each other to enable healthy aging in place so that we can continue to contribute our experience to the wider community. 

History: After the initial interest meeting *in the fall of 2012, a group of interested people volunteered to establish The Village in Howard as a non-profit organization. Public meetings and events have been held to increase community awareness of the ‘Village’ idea. The 2 years of effort have led TVIH to start operations in January 2015. Click here to read our historyTVIH is open to all Howard County, Maryland, residents who are 55 or older.

Governance:  TVIH functions as an all-volunteer non-profit membership organization, governed by a Board of Directors. It was incorporated in Maryland as a non-profit charitable organization and designated a charitable, tax-exempt [501(c)(3)] organization, effective August 5, 2013. In November 2013, the Bylaws and Conflict of Interest Policy were adopted, and the Board of Directors and officers were elected.

A revised TVIH Bylaws was approved by the Board in November 2019.

*Sarah Leigh Spence, Director of Public Affairs
*Mary Pat Donelan, Director of Operations
*Peter Brunner, Director of Finance
Board of Directors:

*Jim Bouscaren, Director, 2020
*Peter Brunner, Director, 2021
*Mary Pat Donelan, Director, 2020
*Fran Dummett, Director, 2021
*Marie Grunwell, Director, 2020
*Karol Hess, Director, 2022
*Elizabeth Johnson, Director, 2019
*Kathleen Marianelli, Director, 2021
*Karen Michaelson, Director, 2021
*Sharon Neville, Director, 2020
*Ronald Putz, Director, 2022
*James Sanders, Director, 2021
*Ellin Scholnick Director, 2020
*Sarah Leigh Spence, Director, 2020
*Richard Voelker, Director, 2022

TVIH's First Board (2013-2014)

Committees:  TVIH is managed by committees, which determine services, membership, marketing, legal, volunteer development and financial matters. Forty-five dedicated committee members have worked, side by side with the Board members, hundreds of hours to create TVIH so that we help the older adults in Howard County to Age In Place.  
Board Development -- 
IT (6 members) -- Open
Finance (1 member) -- Peter Brunner
Fundraising (8 members) --Peter Brunner
Communications/Outreach (7 members) -- Open
Membership/Services (9 members) -- Kim Sherman
Programs (12 members) --Sharon Neville
Volunteers (office 12, transportation 19, Circle of Care 15) -- Susan Hailman and Marie Grunwell
Electronic Newsletter Editors: TVIH Newsletter Editorial Board (Cheryl Neely, Farida Guzdar, Ellin Scholnick)

Volunteers: Volunteer involvement is a cornerstone of the community, so there are a broad range of opportunities for both member and community volunteers.  As a community, it is important that members participate and share their skills with other members (for example, a member volunteer may be able to grocery shop for another member who is ill or organize a foreign film series).  More information is available on the Volunteering page.

Newsletters: TVIH newsletters are issued monthly. View our current and previous newsletters listed below.

Current Newsletter

Past Newsletters

Privacy:  TVIH respects the privacy of its members, volunteers, officers, and staff, and adheres to a Privacy Policy adopted by our Board.

The Village In Howard - PO Box 1276 - Columbia, MD 21044 - - 443-367-9043 - TVIH Privacy Policy  / TVIH Photo Policy

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